eTek IT Employee Referral Program

When a Referral Candidate is hired successfully, the referred employee will be rewarded $500.00 to $1000.00 depending on the filled position after 60 days following referred employees start date wth eTek IT Services, Inc. eTek IT reserves the right to change the amounts, terms and conditions of this program at any time.


You can help eTek IT Services Inc., a friend, and yourself by participating in the eTek Referral Program. If you are an eligible employee, you can earn a cash award of $1,000 if you refer an external applicant who is hired to a designated, open position at eTek.

Who is an Eligible Employee?

The Employee Referral Program is open to all regularly employed employees.

How do I Refer an External Applicant?

Please send an email to Please include name, resume and contact details and clearly list in the subject line Referral – Include your name and the date referred.

Data Quality

These services are focused on identifying and correcting data quality issues in an existing data warehouse. We can help correct data integrity problems in the processes used to create or acquire data or in the control mechanisms used to manage data quality.