What is ERP?

ERP software (or enterprise resource planning software) is an integrated system used by organizations to combine, organize and maintain the data necessary for operations. ERP systems merge an organization’s key operations, including the manufacturing, distribution, financial, human resources and customer relations departments, into one software system. Selecting an ERP software package and implementing it correctly can be an extremely complex and intimidating process for many executives and project teams.

When the ERP evaluation and implementation is performed correctly, ERP software can revitalize an organization by streamlining and synchronizing its separate departments into one unified software system. When these tasks are done without focus and solid planning, the ERP software project can have severe repercussions that negatively effect the organization for many years to come.

How it helps Organisations

Each business organization is diversifying, expanding and touching new geographies. The organizations are sub categorized on a number of factors as on the basis of departments- Production, supply chain, sales, marketing, human resources, on the basis of geographic markets, type of customers, etc. It becomes very difficult to exchange and manage information, monitor, control, and thereby review the departments & sub departments individually and take a consolidated decision. The top management is interested in the information flow so that decision making can be facilitated and better administration is possible.Enterprise Resource Planning is the solution for this.

ERP is an integrated set of software which consists of applications related to different processes of the organization and in the end shows the big picture of major interrelated activities of the business of how each department’s performance is contributing to achieve the business’ goals. ERP helps a business to better gain information, analyze the results and hence leverage their core competencies.

ERP Solutions we offer

We focus on high-value, client-driven, timely and reliable business solutions. Whether its sound business consulting, design and development, or integrated solutions for business transformation, eTekIT delivers.

We provide a broad range of technology expertise in the following areas:

  • ERP (PeopleSoft, J.D. Edwards , Oracle , SAP)
  • NET and Microsoft technologies
  • Java, J2EE and related technologies
  • CRM (Siebel, SAP)
  • Analytics (Siebel Analytics, Informatica)
  • Client Server Applications Development
  • Business Intelligence & Data warehousing